Avoiding a Payroll Phishing Scam

Avoiding a Payroll Phishing Scam

The Paperless Project

A large portion of businesses still operate on a predominantly paper oriented track. While this, in itself, does not pose much of a threat, there does exist a better alternative. That alternative is paperless. The myriad of benefits granted by the paperless route should not be ignored by entrepreneurs. In the hopes of growth and expansion, the paperless road has shown phenomenal results in the world of business.

A Brief Look at Lanyards

Lanyards are more than just straps that are used to hold items, if used properly they can even be a great promotional tool! This article details the history of lanyards, the different materials used to make them and also how they are used as promotional tools.

What Is The Best Time of Year To Buy a Boat Business?

Because the decision to buy a boat business is a big one, some careful thought needs to go into the choice and timing. When you’re ready to purchase your boat business, keep these 5 helpful tips in mind.

Secrets of Bonding 107: Surety Vs Fidelity, The Cage Match

Surety. Fidelity. They’re both bonds, they come from the same family, but can they get along? To some, this timeless battle is mere entertainment, a Cage Match for the ages. We’d like to put this question to rest, once and for all. Which is more important? Which is more beneficial? Do companies need both?

Who Said That Your Soul Can’t Inspire Your Success?

When it comes to doing business, calculations and planning are necessary but not enough for success. It’s only by sharing the treasures of your soul that you can earn the respect of your customers and establish a flourishing business.

8 Reasons Why Businesses Love the Cloud

Businesses all across this planet are relishing the Cloud and those who haven’t are beginning to see its charming traits. This fondness for the Cloud, however, is not spontaneous. There are specific reasons as to why enterprises are making the switch to the Cloud.

The Future of Chain of Custody Certification

Chain of Custody certification has transformed the timber industry over the past 20 years. But has the time come for a new solution to deforestation? Can it repeat the successes of the European sector in China and emerging markets?

3 Misconceptions About Niche and How To Reframe Them

The common perception of “niche” lacks the fluidity and adaptability essential for long-term fulfillment through business. With the premise of niche being an anchor to our community through our business, let’s reframe our perception of “niching” from some disconnected marketing exercise to a continuation of how you express YOU through business and marketing: Reframe #1 Niche is NOT something you pick from a “niche menu” just because someone says it’s viable or lucrative. Niche is NOT determined by external factors alone.

What You Most Want in a Passenger Elevator

Passenger elevators transformed the way we build. Buildings of just a few levels extended to skyscrapers because an elevator makes navigating multiple levels far easier for us to accomplish. In recent decades, development of the elevator has reached new heights. Today, passenger elevators are an integral part of most multi-level buildings, designed to recognize our destination and take us there safely in seconds.

When Girls Commit to Their Best, They Create the Best

Girls now have much more equal chances to conquer the world of entrepreneurship. With the right perspective and actions, they can create a covetable business.