What do I do if I get a letter from the IRS or state ?  How do I even know what it is for?

What do I do if I get a letter from the IRS or state ? How do I even know what it is for?

Business Etiquette: Business Dining

Invitation The host should not only call with the initial invitation, but he or his secretary should be sure to confirm the meeting a day or two before. What do hosts do? Hosts select the restaurant and make the appropriate reservations, arrange for payment of the meal (whoever profits from the meeting should pay for the meal), and don’t draw attention to your own or someone else’s etiquette mistake.

Build A Better Relationship With Your Boss With Neuroscience

As neuroscience increasingly finds its way into the workplace, and we learn more about human behaviour, what real difference can it make for employees? At board level, the value of understanding more about decision-making and human behaviour is easy to see: when you are trying to shape organizational culture, introduce change initiatives, and encourage strong leadership, the workings of the brain provide valuable insight. But how does this filter down to ground level? What can neuroscience teach the ‘average’ employee?

Benefits Of Company Formation In RAK

Ever since its independence in 1971, the United Arab Emirates has been driven almost single-mindedly towards a path of accelerated growth and development. Since its inception, the economy has grown over 230 times. But where the UAE truly stands out among its partners in the GCC is through policies of wide-ranging diversification that have been injected into the economy over these decades.

Secrets of Bonding: “The Call”

A couple of times every week we talk to a new contractor who wants to get their bond account set up for the first time. Here’s how it always goes: Contractor: We want to go after bonded projects but we’ve never had bonds before. What’s involved? Bond Expert: Hi! Who am I speaking to?

Why Would You Need Hospital Valuation?

If you’re running a hospital, you may need a hospital valuation. Why? Here are a few of the main reasons.

What Neuroscience Can And Cannot Do For Your Business

One ‘camp’ says that neuroscience is the next great thing for business and can be applied to everything from marketing to training; and another camp warns that we should be wary of applying it because much of the science is, in fact, pseudoscience. Business leaders could be forgiven for feeling a little confused. Who’s right? Let’s take a look at what neuroscience CAN and CANNOT do for your business..

Mergers And Acquisitions In Cyprus

The major legislation that regulates mergers and acquisitions in Cyprus is the Companies Law (Cap. 113). In particular, the sections 198-202 contain provisions about mergers, reconstruction and amalgamation of companies, and exchange of shares between two or more companies.

Secrets of Bonding 125: Surety Bonds in the Bizarro World

There have been 24 movies about Superman, but I loved the original TV series starring George Reeves (the Real Superman). Even before that, there were the Superman comic books published by DC Comics. The character, “Bizarro #1,” first appeared in 1958 – a mirror image of Superman but from a world where everything was opposite from that of humans. That was over 50 years ago, but strangely, there is a little piece of Bizarro World that still survives today. It is alive in our surety rate system. See if you agree…

How to Craft an Intriguing Elevator Pitch or Byline

The typical elevator pitch goes like so: I help the blah blah blah do the blah blah blah… YAWN! Does that sound like yours? Are you excited about sharing your elevator speech, or do you drag your feet in those networking events hoping you’d never have to whip it out?

File Storage System

Having a copy of vital files is always a good option. In big MNCs, there are lots of documents, records of every individual and so on. Therefore it is imperative to store documents. But there comes a point in time where the papers eat up on your floor and storage space. At such times, a file storage system comes in handy.