Why getting paid percentage of revenue as a truck driver can be ok

Why getting paid percentage of revenue as a truck driver can be ok

How Did Trump Make Himself Judgment Proof?

Palos Verdes, CA. Since 2000, Trump has been sued 72 times in federal court, in cases both serious and frivolous. The 72 cases count only federal lawsuits against Trump himself, not those filed against his companies. Trump and his companies have either sued or been sued at least 1,300 times since 2000.

Secrets of Bonding 125: When to Call It Quits

Construction contracts can be terminated by either party under certain circumstances. Let’s take a look at it from the Contractors point of view. Federal contracts make it easy for the government to end a project.

Authenticity: Just Another Item for Your To-Do List?

Authenticity in business is not just another item for your to-do list. It’s valuable in your marketing and leadership.

The 4 Benefits of Hiring Professional Construction Waste Removalists

Being a building contractor comes along with several responsibilities where you have been assigned to construct buildings by your client. It involves arranging for labourers, purchasing raw material, estimating the time frame for the completion and finally clearing out the construction area from all the unwanted commodities strewn around.

Asking for Help Is a Great Way to Get Information

If you master this technique you’ll find that you won’t have to work so hard to find things out. People, because they sincerely want to help, will help you – if you ask.

CD Packaging – Finding a Reputable Supplier

The text below chronicles the experiences of a designer working for a large interior design company specialising in large public spaces. The designer finds herself in need of a large run of CDs and packaging to go with them, to hand out to potential clients at exhibitions and business to business networking events. The aim of the article is to provide an insight to others who may find themselves in a similar position to help avoid the potential problems that may be faced by someone who is new to this type of project.

Prevent Or Repair Thrust Bearing Failure With Ease

For a long time, transmission and engine specialists alike have had difficulty assessing thrust bearing failures. At the onset of failure, it’s difficult to determine all the probable causes, which results in transmission experts blaming engine builders and vice versa. It’s important to consider the following information when repairing or attempting to prevent thrust bearing failure.

Three Things To Keep In Mind When Creating A Business Note To Sell Your Business

The article goes into 3 things to keep in mind when creating a business note to help sell a business. They are to have your lawyer and accountant review the note thoroughly. Second, understand how to file UCC1 liens on the assets of the business, and be sure that their insurance will be paid to you in case of a fire. Third, create the business note so that you can sell it in the future if needed to obtain cash.

5 Things That Keep Business Owners Up at Night

CEOs have a lot to worry about, but what are their greatest concerns? What keeps them awake at night? Their concerns fell into three broad categories: talent, operating in a global marketplace, and regulation and legislation according to The Harvard Business Review.

Secrets of Bonding 124: Underwriting Challenge – What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Years ago when I started as a cub reporter for the Daily Planet, I mean surety underwriter, I ran into a strange situation that was recently repeated. In this article we will present the scenario and ask you to use your underwriting judgement. The question is “What’s wrong with this picture?